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SPONSOR A SHEEP FOR FOR 2015 ! Learn about the daily life of a sheep and get a personal gift from the sheep you sponsor in 2015. As a Sponsor you will also be elegible for special Discounts through out the year, as well as first choice on Raw Fleeces and Rovings. You also get the great feeling of knowing that you are supporting a small family farm operated in a sustainable manner. Support A Sheep Advantages: When you sponsor a Sheep for the year you will recieve letters and pictures from the farm along with a gift from your Sheep (1 Spring Raw Fleece ). We also donate 10% of Sponsorship Proceeds to Heifer International, a great charity that teaches sustainable farming to poor and hungry Families and provides livestock to help these families on the path to self sufficiency . You also become a member of the Sponsors Club which gives you a 25% discount on Fleeces at shearing as well as first chance at choosing your fleeces. Sponsors also will get special discounts on other Solace Finnsheep Products throughout the year. You will be supporting a small family farm raising a heritage breed of sheep in a sustainable manner as well as getting some insight into what it takes to make a small flock happy and healthy while producing lovely wool. As we share our year please feel free to ask questions and even visit if you can.


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