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      We are blessed to have three generations working to make our small family farm a reality.  Grandma, in her 70's still helps to shear the sheep. My  nieces and nephew help care for the lambs and kids in the spring - the older children have their 4-H project animals. My sisters are amazing when creating with the Fiber Arts. 

My Husband and I have raised four wonderful children on this farm and are now looking forward to our Grandchildren getting to learn the measured cycles of farm life.

We are proud to have been able to produce naturally raised food for our family and our friends.  We raise beef, pork, lamb and goat as well as grow a large garden and a small apple, pear and plum orchard.  Our Farm Philosophy is that we are stewards of the land and the animals given into our care. 

We use multi species rotational grazing to create healthy pastures and crops.  The careful use of mulching and rotaional grazing allows us to avoid pesticides while maintianing healthy grazing/browsing diets for our herds and flocks.  Plus it gives everyone, including the pigs, a chance to run and play in the fresh air which keeps them healthy and happy.    

You will find crafts made by all members of the family in our store and will see family members modeling many items and/or holding animals for pictures.  Be patient with us as we are quick to brag about the kid's accomplishments (both the human and goat kind:).  For instance Grandma won 2nd Place at the local fair for her hand pieced/hand quilted Song Bird Quilt last year. 

We strongly believe that it is important to teach the next generation where their food and clothes come from.  It is equally important to pass on the "Lost Arts" of shearing, spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, soap making, quilting and Farming as well as nurturing the plants and animals that make this planet such a beautiful place to live.  We have been involved with 4-H and FFA  since the 1950's when Grandma was a 4-H leader for us.  We still strongly support these great organizations and give special discounts to young people who want to show our animals as their project.



Solace Farm

30119 N. Spotted RD;  Deer Park WA 99006

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